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How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit & Start Your Own Business

— With Melissa Ambrosini & Marie Forleo —



What would your life look like if you had a successful business, and could do what you love every single day?

Picture it — instead of waking up to the loud beeping of your alarm clock each morning, and bracing yourself to get through yet another day at a job that drains your soul, what if you had:

… complete control over when and where you worked

… the fulfilment that comes from leveraging your natural strengths, doing what you were born to do, and making a difference in the world

… and true financial freedom, with no ceiling on how much you can earn.

It sounds like a pipe dream, I know...

But Marie Forleo’s epic business training program, B-School, helped me make this my reality.

And with doors to B-School open right now (for a very limited time), now’s your chance to make it YOUR reality too...

B-School is the most valuable business training I’ve ever seen or had the privilege of going through.

It guides you through the EXACT process of building a successful business — one where passion, purpose and profit collide, and where your lifestyle is as full and healthy as your bank account.

Marie’s approach is genius —

  • She walks you through every tool and technique SUPER clearly (which is awesome if you’ve got no previous biz experience)
  • She helps you hone in on the stuff that makes the most impact — so you can avoid wasting months of time (not to mention $$$) on the stuff that barely moves the needle
  • Accountability is baked right in… so procrastination is no longer an issue
  • The community is epic. (Seriously, I met so many of my bestest soul sisters inside B-School. The Facebook group alone is worth the price of enrolment.)
  • And you get practical, actionable strategies that you can implement immediately — things you know are going to work, and give you real, tangible results.

Best of all, because everything in B-School is designed to help you LEVERAGE your natural passions and strengths, success can be rapid…  even for people who’ve never felt like a ‘natural’ at business.

After experiencing the life-altering power of B-School for myself (and seeing the profound impact it’s had on thousands of souls in the MA tribe), to say I’m a huge fan of this program is a giant understatement...

… which is why I’m SO thrilled to be partnering with Marie and the B-School team to help you kickstart your entrepreneurial journey and bring your thriving, PROFITABLE business to life even faster...



Unbeatable B-School Bonus Bundle

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Business Bootcamp

The ultimate companion to B-School, this powerhouse program perfectly complements what you learn from Marie and shows you how to take it to the next level.
You get 13+ hours of game-changing content, covering stuff like:
  • The secret to amplifying your vision, scaling your business, and going global
  • My proven formula for creating irresistible products and launching like a boss
  • How to “WOW” your tribe and turn them from casual readers/followers into devoted fans
  • 7 “Hot Seat” videos: watch as my go-to marketing ninja workshops with biz owners just like you, to solve their issues and catapult them to the next level.
PLUS you’ll get 3 Masterclasses with the three business gurus who’ve helped shape and skyrocket my business.

(Access to these experts alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars… seriously.)

Value: $1,597 (Yours free)

Mastering Your Mean Girl Meditations Album

Building a business can trigger a whole lot of “stuff” to come up....
But with these powerful meditations in your self-care arsenal, you’ll be able to master your Mean Girl and find your inner zen at the push of a button.
Load these 10 specially engineered audio tracks onto your phone, pop in your headphones, and send your mind into a state of blissful harmony, simply by immersing yourself in these sacred sounds.

Value: $67 (Yours free)

Intimate LIVE Webinar with Me (Melissa) and Nick

In this exclusive webinar, held the week after B-School finishes, we’ll be sharing all our best tips and strategies to help you take the foundations you’ve built with Marie, rocket them to the next level, and unleash the mindset shifts necessary for epic growth.
You’ll get unprecedented insight into the techniques I’ve used to build my empire from the ground up — including my systems, how I set up my funnels, my backend secret weapons, and my private Rolodex of go-to experts.
(I hardly EVER offer small group coaching, so this is pretty much a one-off opportunity to pick my brains and piggyback off my best hacks!)

Value: $935 (Yours free)

Total Bonus Value: $1,999

… and all 3 are yours FREE when you sign up to B-School using my special link

My Unbeatable B-School Bonus has been specifically designed to help you maximise the B-School opportunity, stack the odds in your favour, and give you every possible advantage on the path to epic business and life success.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a business that you L.O.V.E., doing work that fuels your soul, and getting paid what you know you're worth… this is for you.

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Once you have signed up, send [email protected] your receipt to claim your bonuses.

Heads up, Beauty!

Be sure to clear your cache before signing up for B-School.

You only get this epic bonus if you use MY UNIQUE LINK, so I recommend clearing your cache first, just to be sure 😉

Be sure to clear your cache before clicking to claim my Unbeatable B-School Bonuses.

Once you have signed up, send [email protected] your receipt to claim your bonuses.

Your Questions Answered...

Confession time: before I enrolled in B-School, I was the least “business minded” person you can imagine… for real!

I seriously knew nothing.

I had a blog, yes. But at that stage, it was barely more than a hobby, and I was still trying to land acting gigs to pay my bills.

So I really appreciated how straightforward and step-by-step the B-School training is… even if you’re a total newbie (which is exactly what I was).

Marie literally walks you through the EXACT steps you need to build a business from the ground up and start earning money — from testing your idea, setting up a website, marketing your business, making your first sale, right through to the practical systems and tools you need in place in order to build a thriving biz.

You can read the full breakdown of what you’ll learn on the B-School page, but put simply, I am the living breathing proof that you don’t need ANY prior experience or education, and no matter how much of an entrepreneurial newbie you are, Marie has you *covered*.

Oh honey, let me tell you: it felt like a stretch for me too.

When I enrolled, I had to put my enrolment fees on my credit card because I literally had no money saved... It was a gamble, and it felt freaking scary.

In no way am I saying to “do what I did”... not at all. But I will say this:

Every investment I’ve ever made in myself has felt scary.

It’s always really nerve wracking to actually *take action* on your dreams, and “put your money where your mouth is”... rather than to just keep on dreaming and wishing and hoping...

But the hard truth is: taking action and making a decision is the only way to ever grow, evolve and become the person you intend to be.

So, look: if signing up for this course would push you into the red and make it hard to feed your kids, then it’s probably not the right time to enrol. And that’s totally fine — you’ve gotta do what’s right for you and there is always next year.

But if your hesitations are driven by fear — fear of failure, of “going all in”, of “what if this doesn’t work?”... then I’d suggest you lean into that.

How will you feel this time next year, if nothing’s changed in your life?

Which possibility would you rather — having to cut back a bit on your spending in order to follow your dreams, or having to cut back on your dreams in order to keep on spending?

Only you can answer those questions, beautiful. But I’ve got complete faith you’ll figure out the right decision for you. 🙏

After the refund period (17 March), I’ll be landing in your inbox with a very special email, containing your links to the Business Bootcamp and the Meditations album.

Details of the webinar bonus will be sent out in the final week of B-School.

And in the meantime, if you have any questions about the bonuses, you can always get in touch with us on [email protected].

The webinar will be held the week after B-School finishes. You’ll get an email with all the details (and your link to join us) closer to the date.

We’ll be holding the webinar at two different times, so no matter where you are in the world or what your commitments, you’ll be able to find a time that suits.

We’ll also send you a replay afterwards, so that you can watch (or re-watch!) at your leisure.

B-School offers a very generous money-back guarantee, which you can read about on the B-School page.

This means you can test-drive the content and work out if it’s right for you with zero financial risk… which makes it even more of a #nobrainer

(It’s also worth pointing out that B-School has one of the lowest refund rates in the entire online education industry — their content is THAT good, and Team Forleo are THAT committed to ensuring your satisfaction and success.)

It really is possible to build a thriving, PROFITABLE business doing something you’re hugely passionate about...


… even if you aren’t naturally “business minded” 

… even if you’re prone to procrastination and overwhelm.

… and even if you don’t have a clue where to start.

B-School showed me how... 

It was THE program I used to kickstart what is now an seven figure business, that lets me do what I love every single day, while serving thousands of people all over the globe. 

It was my first step…

If you feel the pull to create a business and life you love too, and want access to my Unbeatable Bonus Bundle (valued at $1,999) to help you unlock your profit potential even faster...

You’ll find your first step right here.

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Once you have signed up, send [email protected] your receipt to claim your bonuses.

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A quick note, beautiful: As an affiliate, I get a commission if you decide to enrol in B-School.
I only ever partner with people who’ve had a profound impact on me, and Marie has done exactly that. B-School truly changed my life, and I know it can do the same for you. 🙏



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